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December 4, 2020

Spot the accidentally profound mistake… I put this together aiming for ‘be still and know’. It wasn’t until a day later when I looked at it again, I realised it was different.

But the more I read it, the more I thought, maybe that’s what I need. What we all need.

“Be and still know that I am God…”

My prayer for myself & for all of us is that we would learn how to be, but in that be-ing we would also still know.
That we wouldn’t become passive or impatience, that we don’t waste the being or rush it away – but that we use the ‘being’ to remember what we know.

Be and still know. Brings to the forefront some valuable & vulnerable questions:

Who am we are when all the doing is stripped away?
What still stands when all we can do is be?
What happens when we choose to lean into the things that are unknown?
How do we trust the One that knows when everything seems so unknown?

As we consider and walk amongst these questions, Psalm 46 speaks powerfully into these moments:

“Surrender your anxiety!

Be silent and stop striving,

And you will see that I am God!”

(The Passion Translation)

For me, sometimes knowing becomes like striving; about knowing the answers, or about being certain (check out the blog post UNCERTAINTY for more thoughts on this). I don’t doubt that in every one of our lives there is an aspect of striving, whether small or not. This passage powerfully helps us into that place of knowing, by inviting us to ‘surrender our anxiety’.

If we would take a moment and see what we have in ourselves to surrender then maybe we would see things differently. From my experience, it’s in this place of surrender when we choose to let go and trust, that peace is found and our ‘knowing’ becomes more apparent.

Be and still know. Surrender, trust & know you are loved, and you will see that He is God.


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