What is coaching?

Coaching is a brilliant way to process and move forward in your thinking. It can be useful for anything from planning or preparing for a meeting, a situation you would like to think through, an opportunity to review something that has happened or a big picture look at your role or job.

What can we offer?

The aim of coaching is for every conversation to be transformational, whether it be a one-off or multiple conversations.

‘Coaching is a transformational conversation that is supportive and challenging – it is future focused and gives space for the thinker to progress in their thinking about a circumstance, topic or issue. The hope is that through the conversation you will feel heard, listened to and will know things at the end of the conversation that you didn’t know at the beginning.’

(Definition summarised from 3D Coaching

One to One

At Colab, we can offer single sessions of coaching or we can work with people over a longer period of time. Why not try a one-off session to see how coaching could benefit you? Or book a series of sessions if you’re a in time of particular transition or growth? We are happy to be flexible around you – coaching is always in service of your thinking and growth.
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Group Coaching

We are trained to facilitate Action Learning Sets which is a great model for transformation and growth within teams.

Being part of an action learning set is a great way to engage with others as we seek to grow. The groups commit to meeting over a 12 month period – bi-monthly for 3hrs at time. 

Within each session there is a chance to coach & be coached within a facilitated, safe environment. 

The hope is to gather groups of people who work in similar contexts/fields to allow for deep learning, support & growth from one another. Groups will start periodically as people become available. 

Having time set aside with Rebi, to process my thoughts has been absolutely key to me moving forward in my business. She has a true gift for listening, but more importantly for allowing you the space to listen to yourself and hear your own words of encouragement. I would absolutely recommend her as a life-coach, to everyone. Especially to those like me, that allow life to get in the way of real reflection. 10/10


Our credentials…

With 10 years of mentoring & discipling experience, Rebi is passionate about enabling people to grow and seek transformation. With over 100 coaching hours Rebi really believes in talking stuff through, and the importance of bearing witness to one another’s journey.

Rebi is a member of the International Coaching Foundation.

Rebi has over 100 hours coaching and over 60 training hours and is an associate accredited coach with the ICF.

‘Thank you for walking and talking with me. I really think it helped me realise ‘where’ I had been the last few days – a week. Thank you’

What would it look like?

Most coaching will be offered either via video or phone call. For local thinkers, face-to-face coaching may be possible. 

Interested in Coaching?   

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