What have we been up to? March 2021

March 5, 2021

As we sit down to write this, it seems amazing that Colab has been officially up and running for 4 months. We have really enjoyed getting to grips with running the business, been amazed as doors have opened for work and humbled by people’s willingness to trust us and get involved with what we’ve been doing! So if that’s you – thank you!

Carry on reading for a bit of a summary of what Colab is doing….

Coaching : space to think

Rebi is absolutely loving the opportunity to coach people from so many different walks of life. From one off sessions, to ongoing thinkers – it’s a privilege to journey alongside people and co-create space with them to gain insight. Rebi is continuing her journey to accreditation with the ICF which she hopes to complete later this year. We’ve also piloted some coaching training with a small team of pioneer vicars – it was a brilliant 3hrs of learning and growth in coaching skills.

Currently we’re offering discounted prices for coaching & training, so if you fancy a space to think that is productive, safe & transformational – why not book in for a session or think about training for your team? email rebi@colab39.co.uk

Consultancy : co-workers in God’s field

Since January, we have been working with a brilliant organisation called Enterprise Homes Group. We have been journeying with them as they transition through some culture change; specifically around areas of coaching & discipleship. It has been amazing to work with every member of their team, exploring culture change & sharing some coaching skills. From training days, coaching sessions & conversations – we are really enjoying getting alongside such a great organisation.

Another project that is a huge focus for Rebi right now is Revive. Working with a local church in Dudley, Rebi is helping to manage and implement the project as it continues to grow. Using her skills & knowledge in logistics and project management, it’s a very timely role – the need to address holiday hunger is massive and the local church is right at the forefront of this provision. This is currently a very hands on role, but it seems like the right place for Rebi to be using her gifts and expertise. It’s a joy to be enabling the local church to grow and be active in mission.

A continuing role is also working with Living Hope Church: providing admin & comms support. Again, such a blessing to be able to use our skills to bless and help support a local church. We have helped to implement new structures & systems as well as support the leadership through this difficult season.


Sharing : enneagram & what feels important

At the heart of Colab, there is a desire for us to share what is useful for us, enabling other people to access and experience it too! We are always open to new ways of sharing & events that would be useful to run, so please get in touch if you have any ideas or requests. This has taken various different forms over the last few months :

What Feels Important : stories

6 short video interviews with some of the brilliant people we know. Such a brilliant diverse range of stories & experience and lovely nuggets of wisdom – feel free to share these videos, use them in your church services and go back to them for encouragement!
It’s not the end of this idea… we’re exploring how we can continue to share stories; so if you have any ideas, feel like you have something to share or give us your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Enneagram Events

The Enneagram is a tool we’ve found hugely useful and we’ve loved working with Amanda Hedger & Teresa Daniels who are training as teachers in the narrative tradition. 28 people joined us for a one-off overview event which helped to give context and explain how the enneagram works. In January we welcomed a cohort of 13 brilliant people who are partaking in a full nine week course, exploring a type week by week and we’ve more people join us for one-off sessions along the way too. It is proving to be such a rich and brilliant course – with awesome insights and discoveries along the way.
We are in the process of figuring out our future offerings around the enneagram – so watch this space!!

Looking forward…

We feel so immensely blessed to already have such a variety of projects and people that Colab is connecting and working with. Our plan is continue to work faithfully, keeping our eyes and hearts open to the doors and opportunities it feels like God is providing. We would really value your prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude for all that God has already done through Colab, we are so aware that the gift of work, especially at the moment is such a blessing, but also for the future, that there would be a steady flow of opportunities and people for Colab to connect with and bless.


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