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November 16, 2020

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘coaching’?

Maybe it brings back childhood memories of the rainy football pitch on a Saturday morning or the swimming pool as you try and perfect your stroke with yells from the sidelines. 

Or maybe it’s in a group of words for you… coaching, counselling, therapy… all of which come with a stigma of needing help or being at crisis point. 

Okay, so what about the word ‘transformation’?

Maybe you are taken to a movie about cars becoming robots… or maybe you think about nature and how caterpillars become butterflies – or maybe it leads you to think about other ideas like growth, change, progression, hope even. 

I’d like you to invite you to think about coaching – not as a strict training regime or as a code for being ‘needy’ – but instead, a space for transformation. 

What does transformation look like?

I used to think that the only way transformation could happen was similar to a firework display or a lightning bolt – that mundane everyday life would happen, only to be injected by these BIG moments, followed by us carrying on as normal. 

And yet as I have been to look deeper, I’ve realised that I think transformation happens much more than we think it does. Every situation we walk through, every decision we make can lead to a moment of transformation. It doesn’t always look glamorous or feel particularly significant but as we step back and take time to notice, we realise that it is possible. 

We grow and change, situations and circumstances mold and move, this creates choices for us. Either to be taken along by them, dictated and directed by them or we can give ourselves space to move and change with them, or in spite or them. 

How do we do this? 

By giving ourselves space

to think

to see

to hear

and to move. 

It’s incredible that when we give ourselves a set amount of time to be attentive to ourselves, free of distractions and with the accountability of another – somehow we lean into transformation, we see things from a new perspective and can see the next steps.  

So about that word ‘coaching’…

At Colab we are passionate about transformation and being able to see the places of growth in our lives. We believe that coaching is one of many tools that can help to facilitate and make that space in an effective and encouraging way – it allows us to move forward. 

Engaging in coaching is about having a thinking space

for yourself,

to be challenged and encouraged in – there isn’t a set programme or time frame as this entirely depends on what you’d like to think about! 

Sometimes one session is all that is required or in other seasons a series of sessions – whatever works for you to move forward and see transformation.


Want to find out more about coaching, or want to enquire about being coached? Get in touch!

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