The Great Interruption | Advent #1

December 3, 2021

How do you feel when someone interrupts you?

Sometimes interruptions come as a welcome distraction from the inbox or the mundane. Other times they jolt us like a bad gear change, moving us from our focus and changing our course – sometimes indefinitely.

As I reflected on the characters we often reflect on at this time of year, I noticed that really what we read about is their reactions to an interruption.

It’s easy to forget that Mary, the shepherds, even Herod, were not just waiting in the wings for their part in a nativity play. They weren’t preparing for their eternal fame on the covers of thousands of cards and fancy dress costumes. They were ordinary people who faced a great interruption – one that would change the course of their lives, let alone history.

Some responded with questions, others with action – how do we respond?

Will we be interrupted this Christmas?


Rebi Hedger

Rebi Hedger

Born in Derby, Rebi grew up with a knowledge of Jesus and had a faithfulness to God from an early age. During her gap year, Rebi completed an internship training in leadership and evangelism, before heading to York for university to study linguistics. Rebi has always had involvement in leadership roles throughout her university, church & working life. Within all these contexts, Rebi is fuelled by a love for people and a desire for everyone to experience life in all it’s fullness. She has over 10 years experience working in charity and local church contexts. Rebi enjoys finding little joys in the everyday – whether that’s growing  vegetables, coffees with friends, cooking yummy food or long walks with Jack.