May 17, 2021

Who is the bravest person you know?

I wonder what category or criteria you’re going through in your head to answer that question. Maybe it’s a friend who has embarked on a wild adventure or someone you know who has faced a big fear. 

For me, the bravest people are those who tell their story, who are willing to share their journey with those around them, no matter how treacherous the path. I love the fact that we’re all part of a story, have a story and can tell stories. In fact, I would argue it’s how most of our lives are told and continued, we narrate to each other – the stories that have been, the stories of the mundane, the cliffhanger moments & the mysterious plot twists. We tell stories of our ancestors, our of history, we choose to claim part of other people’s stories as our own, as they merge or as our paths cross.

For me the greatest story I choose to tell is that of God’s creation & resurrection. And though this is beautifully told through the arc of Scripture, I also believe this story comes alive in the everyday, when people choose to tell their part in this story, their experience of God’s redemption and rescue in their lives.

I wonder if you’ve heard such stories?

Back to bravery – one such friend used the time given to her by the pandemic to write down her story. Her story is one of pain,  heartache and struggle but also of miraculous rescue, headline and total reliance on the bigger story. (For more info see info below)

Though I’ve heard her story before, in fact I remember where I was when she first shared with me – and our stories have since then become intertwined, as I read her story I was struck by the importance of the bigger story she was living for.
The narratives we choose to be part of, the ones we let define us, truly lead us to bravery, fullness and courage. For my friend, her constant trust in God as the curator of the story helps to define and enable her story to unfold.

I wonder what is your story? What story are you part of? What bigger narrative helps to lead you to bravery and courage? 

It’s all been a bit of a misunderstanding – Anita Grant

Suffering years of emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse, Anita recounts the torment, struggles and triumphs encountered as she fights to free herself from her abuser and find safety and justice. Together with her children and upheld by her faith, they overcome every challenge and obstacle her abuser and ‘the system’ throw at them to escape and find freedom. IDAS (the Independent Domestic Abuse Service) provided the most comprehensive support for the family going through the court system.

Anita and her children have worked with the NSPCC over a number of years to help court systems and procedures for the better – including the ‘Order in Court’ campaign – and inspired one of the NSPCC advertisements that showed a hope-filled boy dreaming of the potential he could achieve with the vital help of the NSPCC. Since finding freedom Anita has raised money for local charities, helped set up Street Angels in her city and now works to help children understand and recognise positive relationships.

Buy the book at here for £6.99 plus P&P


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