Enneagram: Going Deeper Events

Three sessions where we go deeper with the Enneagram. The three sessions are designed to be ‘next-steps’ for those that already feel familiar with the Enneagram but want to find out more about their type, subtypes, centres of intelligence, and wings & arrows. The individual events are as follows:

Session 1

Centres of intelligence

Learn how the centres tell us about our interactions with the world

Session 2

Growth: Wings & Subtypes

Learn how the wings and arrows provide opportunities for growth

Session 3

Instincts & Subtypes

Learn how the three basic instincts shape or determine our subtype

The dates and times are listed below.


Have you heard of the Enneagram? With its roots in the ancient past, the Nine Type’s have aided many in their journey of self-discovery. At its heart, the Enneagram is a useful tool for self-development, spiritual reflection, and as a relational guide.


Event Details

These events will all be held on Zoom.

Centres of Intelligence

Evening Session:

Monday 19th April | 7:30-9:30 pm

Growth: Wings & Arrows

Evening Session:

Monday 10th May | 7:30-9:30 pm

Instincts & Subtypes

Evening Session:

Monday 7th June | 7:30-9:30 pm

Session Tickets

There are four ticket types that you can purchase, as shown below.

Single Session Ticket
  • Access to one session
  • – Recordings of each session
  • – Colab goodie bag
  • – Session resources

All Sessions:

Individual Tickets

One per person


All Sessions: Household Tickets

One per household


Single Session: Individual Tickets

One per person


Single Session: Household Tickets

One per household


About the trainers:

Amanda Hedger

Amanda Hedger

BA(hons), Counselling Dip.

I am experienced psychotherapist, a member of the BACP and ACC, and lead a growing counselling service in Kent.

I’m a student of the Enneagram and am in the later stages of my training to be a full practitioner. I have found that the enneagram to be a useful tool for self-discovery in my personal and professional life. I teach in line with The Narrative Tradition and am learning through Enneagram UK.

Teresa Daniels

Teresa Daniels

BSc (Hons) Psychology, PGCE, mBIT coach

I live in Canterbury, Kent. I am a psychology lecturer and currently in the final stage of certifying as a teacher in the Narrative Tradition. I run a Facebook group called Enneagram Events, to promote Enneagram teaching worldwide.

I have found the Enneagram wisdom invaluable both as a parent and in my relationships, so I am excited to help others find a greater love and understanding of themselves and others through this precious tool.